Lifting the Veil with Light, Love & Integrity

  • Gentle, Detailed & Genuine ... the "Real Thing"

    "I was referred to Raylene by a friend who knows that I work with the grieving - especially families that have lost children. From my own personal experience with losing 3 children, I know there is nothing more important to a bereaved parent than knowing their child's spirit continues, free of pain. When I choose to refer these families to a Medium, I am very careful about who I refer them to. It must be a Medium who is gentle, detailed, and genuine. Raylene was excellent! My older son and both my parents came through in a very credible way. During our session, she provided much evidence and validation regarding my loved ones which brought me much comfort. She is the 'real thing', and I happily refer her to people whom are looking for a Spiritual Medium." - Barbara J Hopkinson, Founder, A Butterfly's Journey To A New Normal, Plum Island, MA

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As a Conduit for Spirit Raylene channels communication between loved ones who have crossed over to the Spirit world and those of us who remain this side of life's veil. Raylene’s intention is to bring forth evidence validating your loved one’s presence; an opportunity to touch that love again, receive a message, allow for healing and or closure. She notes how often the message is in the evidence. It is key to all sessions that those present come with an open heart and open mind. Private sessions whether in person, via phone or skype is unique to each sitter and their Spirit loved ones. Phone and Skype sessions lend similar intimacy to that of an in-person session for Spirit transcends time and space without limitations. Gallery and group style sessions offer a different experience also unique to all present both sides of life’s veil.
As a Medium Raylene is a naturally gifted Intuitive Psychic. This gift lends the ability to perceive information about a sitter, walk a metaphysical mile in their shoes and gain insight into what may be weighing their Spirit down. Raylene’s sessions weigh heavily on the side of Spirit communication, Spirit links are most often followed by intuitive guidance pertaining to areas of concern encountered along one’s life path. Guidance, direction, and clarification of accurate insight and practical advice can empower a sitter coupled with new approaches of using such insight as a tool they alone hold the key to implementing as they choose. Everyone has free will, therefore the willingness of the sitter to make the changes they desire to enhance their future.
Explore Raylene’s event page to learn more about where she may be offering private sessions, galleries, gatherings, workshops, inspirational talks and more! Exciting news coming soon!
“Peking dumplings, steamed not fried!” The look of shock on everyone’s faces was followed by an explosion of laughter … we now knew beyond any doubt that she had been listening.” – Chapter 29: I Know You Are Listening (Story by Raylene Sousa).

Lifting the Veil with Light, Love & Integrity

I often reflect on how my relationship with the Spirit world has evolved into what it is today. Some people can pinpoint the moment they realized they were consciously connecting with Spirit. For me though, I cannot recall a time when I wasn’t aware of their presence.

I grew up in a small Massachusetts town. My parents are hardworking people who to this day devote much time to their community and to the church their faith was built upon. For as long as I can remember, my grandmother and mother just knew things. My sister and I would talk to imaginary friends. We often experienced unexplained phenomena ... Continue Reading

“True communication is communion - the realization of oneness, which is love.” ~ Eckhart Tolle ~

A little inspiration, motivation and enlightenment along this incredible journey called life opens up an intuitive dialogue as to what resonates with our Spirit within. Raylene has compiled a list of resources, support groups, inspirational books, quotes and FAQ's, for all of you. May you find peace in knowing you are never alone. Love lives on.