My Story

Hello there!

Thank you for taking your time to get to know a little bit more about me!  I was born and raised in a small community in Massachusetts.  I grew up in a hard working Irish Catholic family where my love of all things spiritual were fostered. Since childhood I have experienced communication with the Spirit world. I can remember waving to people in windows to people others did not acknowledge. Everyone thought I had an overactive imagination! Over the years I came to embrace life as an empath and was naturally drawn to a career as a stylist. This career choice provided an outlet for me to communicate with and help others. After a series of life changing events, my communication with the Spirit world intensified; synchronistic events aligned creating opportunities for me to expand on my abilities. Having spent time as a Hospice volunteer I came to know some amazing people living out the final days of their human experiences of life as we have come to know it physically present this side of the veil. To bear witness to their strengths, listen to stories of their life journeys, or just hold their hands held hidden blessings for me. For, it was these opportunities that touched my soul helping to refine my ability to deliver messages from loved ones who have crossed over into Spirit.

Reflecting back, I do recognize Spirit has walked me down a very eclectic path. I send gratitude to every step to now, living in my present. I share more about this in "Lifting the Veil..." below. A bit more of my story of coming full circle to living authentically as a Spirit Medium, someone who channels communications between loved ones who have crossed over into the Spirit world, and those of us who remain here. I view it as a calling to share with others that which only serves their highest good. I do not support anything that invokes fear.  I believe in empowering people. As a Spirit Medium, I am naturally psychic which just means I am in tune with my "intuition", "sixth sense" which most often is referred to as one's "gut feeling". I am not a fortune teller. Each soul has free will no matter which side of the veil they reside on.

My hope is to help shine light on the promise of life and love everlasting. For me, the evidence brought forth as I connect as a Medium, a conduit for Spirit, validates this continuity; inspires others to be aware of the contact our loved ones gift us with, for all of us receive signs and messages. I sincerely and whole heartedly believe as a human being I have an ethical responsibility to honor both Spirit and you, their loved ones sitting with me.

I often reflect on how my relationship with the Spirit world has evolved into what it is today. Some people can pinpoint the moment they realized they were consciously connecting with Spirit. For me though, I cannot recall a time when I wasn’t aware of their presence.

I grew up in a small Massachusetts town. My parents are hardworking people who to this day devote much time to their community and to the church their faith was built upon. For as long as I can remember, my grandmother and mother just knew things. My sister and I would talk to imaginary friends. We often experienced unexplained phenomena such as doors opening and closing without the assistance of people or pets, and footsteps seemingly running up and down staircases. In my home these experiences were accepted as normal.