It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I was packing up my vehicle before my journey home from a “Holistic & Wellbeing Event”, and took care in finding a way to place Buddha. Within seconds, the thought crossed my mind… use the safety belt! Buddha was now nestled into the passenger side back seat; buckled snug and secure for the hour ride home. (As you will discover, I have a sense of humor which sometimes needs explaining!) I thought I was funny and just couldn’t resist snapping a photo and sending it off to family, friends, Instagram, Facebook…. get the picture?

 I realized that my friend (who had gifted this Buddha statue the day prior, was still packing up to leave too. I excitedly called out to her to come see.  As she approached, I pointed towards my backseat and said, “Yeah, who’s driving you? I have Buddha! My back-seat driver for the day!”  She started laughing out loud drawing others over who laughed at the silliness of it all!  They all made comments as to how beautiful this Buddha was. One even said that she had hoped I was calling her over to gift it to her!

Pictures speak a thousand words and as I thought of the image I began to contemplate the symbolism of my initial jesting. I thought of how teachings that resonate within our Soul drive us to do the things we do, whether beneficial or not, those times subtle voices of wisdom are overshadowed by ones’ ego. You know the feeling when you are deciding what to do, or not to, and your inner knowing points you in one direction, but your ego doesn’t want that answer? When self-doubt and conflict arise? As we resist our ‘gut’ feelings we often begin the self-dialogue of “what if’s” and “why not’s”, as well as solicit the opinion of others until we get the answer we want to hear. It is key to remember that each action is followed by a reaction; good, bad or indifferent.

It reminds me of a reader who gets a deck of tarot or oracle cards and opt to pick a card a day for guidance, or about a certain subject. They shuffle the deck, set intentions, pull a card, read it, don’t like answer, pull a second card, and still don’t like answer! They then go for one more, telling themselves third one is the card to discover …. all messages revert to the first! It can be viewed as human conditioning by the ego to get what it wants and as one awakens, it becomes quite clear it’s not the proper method.

As a Spiritual Medium, my psychic senses are naturally heightened. That doesn’t mean that I do not have my own Soul work to do, I have just become more in tune with knowing and trusting what I call ‘Spirit nudges’, not ones born of the ego, invoking fear, doubts and manifesting worries. I have always loved meeting new people, and treasure the opportunity to share insight. Once people discover that I am a Spiritual Medium they often ask many questions. I am so happy to share the insight I have been blessed with.  However, I always remind them that the information they seek, is usually within themselves. So often we look outside ourselves for the easy answers; the quick fixes that allow others to make our decisions for us. We have (in ways) forgotten that we all came into this world with a true meter of knowing how to solve and to evolve! Especially with the issues which most certainly arise this side of life’s veil. You see, we all received the inner knowing; our intuition, that gut feeling that at times defies logic with a sense of: “If I just trust this feeling… all is well.” When we go against that feeling or adhere to the advice of others, often we are left still feeling conflicted and internally riddled with the “What if’s.” We must remember… our Soul’s purpose is to evolve to our highest and best!

I knew God at an early age (being born into an Irish Roman Catholic family), and the teachings of the tradition gave me a connection to a source far greater than self. But my experiencing communication with the Spirit world (for as long as I can recall) caused me to feel conflicted as to what I was being taught, and what Spirit was showing me to be truth. That said, I remain grateful that the initial introduction to the Christ consciousness offered my Soul a platform of growth. You need to know that no matter what pathway to enlightenment you are on, the key is to go within, and seek the truth. Signs, symbols, and fellowship are beautiful if they do not divide. Division from humanity does not just separate us from others on our physical journey, but a mindset of division separates us from the more vital threads that constitute the whole of Divinity, each essential to the highest and best for all.

The mission of The Buddha, Jesus, Quan-yin and other “Ascended Masters,” is to raise the Consciousness of mankind; to stir within the Soul of every individual a sense of knowing that they are a divine being, and by recognizing the God spark within them, thread each to the Oneness of God. However, our subconscious is where we are driven by conditioning and old thought patterns that dispel that which would serve the greater good if brought to the consciousness, our ‘awake’ state of presence. Once mankind’s awareness of this is heightened, the ego so many hold onto so tightly, will dissipate. It is a true responsibility once awakened, to love, not to judge. Loving is a more vulnerable state for oneself, whereas ego keeps defenses raised; protecting oneself from imagined fear. This is something to ponder more in depth when we consider how the ego keeps people from apologizing, accepting, understanding and loving without motive.

Seeing Buddha in my rearview mirror while driving, made me think of the times I have witnessed my sitter receive an apology from someone in Spirit during a session. It is far too common that Spirit expresses the words their Souls longed to say while here on earth, but did not until after they passed because their ego would not allow it. I know that there were times in my own life that I held onto a grudge. I have come to realize it occurs when I have placed set expectations on another and have handed my ego access to my Soul’s “GPS”.  Ego is set to auto pilot and a simple miscommunication can lead to a negative exchange of words. This unhealthy exchange brings out a sense of righteousness in being wronged. As I awakened I began to recognize that the ego’s plan is to recalculate and undermine my Soul’s growth. If it was happening to me and I could be so easily detoured, I knew I could not be alone in it. But, it was on me, no one to blame. I was witness to the exchange and given the opportunity once more to see clearly my part. This time around, it had resonated deep within the Soul of me. This shift of perception may feel like it happens overnight; when we clearly see our part in it all. I knew I was accountable for my actions, no one else’s, but reacting defensively encouraged a response of dwelling in a victim mindset.

As each awakens, we are given opportunities to witness and to recognize the detour our ego has taken us down. We do not have to allow ego to be our backseat driver. Rather seek the guidance of those whose teachings take us back to the natural state of love as we were born into this world knowing. We wouldn’t look to get even, find fairness, but instead seek to love without condition or motives. We can be empowered with kindness, compassion, love, understanding, peace, and all feelings that invoke well-being not lack, scarcity, distrust, fear and the like.

 Buddha, my back-seat driver that Sunday afternoon, made me think about the key concepts of Buddhism. In Buddhism, there is no one to hand out rewards, no one to hand out punishments, no one assigned over another to be judge or jury. Buddhism is not even a religion per say, but teachings and philosophies available on the pathway of enlightenment. No matter which Ascended Masters teachings resonate with you on your life journey, allow the flow of love to bring you back to your natural state of being. Remind yourself that no one’s perfect, so go easy on yourselves. Trust me until we learn to rest our egos our Soul will have opportunity to revisit and practice it until we finally see ourselves and others through a lens of love.

“We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them” – Buddha

Blessings of Spirit!