It is not always an easy task to remain centered, calm, cool or collected in thought or in action while dealing with life stressors. World events, natural disasters, or harm caused by one of our own species against another, can leave us in emotional disarray. Each day, people are impacted throughout the world by tragedy, but when it does not directly impact one’s little piece of the world, or has only passed by as news, the effects are minimal for most. On the other hand, other events that are seemingly large on a public scale, impact life journeys with irreversible effects. Our minds often become overwhelmed when faced with the daunting task of trying to comprehend the why, or what’s next; it is understandable that such events throw us off center. And while the events may leave us feeling powerless and with no viable explanation as to the why, fear emerges, and one may shift the focus on confusion, angst, heated emotions, as well as the rationalization for not staying aligned with oneself.

After all, these emotions are what fuel the news reporting and media we are exposed to everywhere we turn. The weight of these catastrophic events, heavy on our psyche, merely getting through the daily grind at home (or office) can be almost null and void. For some, it becomes overwhelming, some suffer emotional turmoil, while others may act out.

Whether you sense it or know it, this wave (ripple), energetically affects you! I believe in Oneness: a knowing that humanity threads us together. I believe when one is hurt its effects everyone globally. I recognize that I have worn many hats; one is that of a Reiki Practitioner. Reiki works with an individual’s energy as well as conducting a divine flow of energy to help remove debris of negative thoughts or feelings etc. that clutter and throw off our emotional and spiritual balance. I also believe that stress causes disharmony which works against our wellbeing. By bringing in the positive to negate the negativity there is restored balance.

The metaphysical world tosses around all kinds of new age words. It is not uncommon that when we have knowledge of a topic, we think others do as well. That said, I am sure you have heard of a chakra, but on the chance you haven’t, I hope that this helps clear up confusion or even gives you a first glance at what a chakra is to begin with! I had someone ask me what a chakra was once, after someone suggested that hers could be blocked (especially considering the tragic events happening in the world today). A mentor of mine once told me, that if all your chakras were blocked, you would be …. (naughty word for a medium) dead. But the concern on her face told me there was an underlying fear regarding her being blocked, and I did the most honest thing someone who uses humor to cope might do, I explained it like this: First, our body is amazing and we tend to forget how hard it works to sustain life. The involuntary responses, and actions like breathing, remain a constant until transition of life (time of departing human vessel for Spirit body, but that’s another article).

Second: Our body responds to external conditions and a lot of times it reacts with a fight or flight response, and it takes energy to accomplish these tasks. The chakras are areas in our body that resemble spinning wheels made up of vortices of energy; the areas located throughout our physical body and within our etheric body, through which we receive, transmit and process life energies. The word Chakra is Sanskrit in origin meaning “wheel”.

It would take days to discuss the multitude of these centers placed throughout our human body, as different religions specify and entertain a deeper study of channels and areas that link them together, like pathways. Instead, we talked about the Lucky 7; the root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra’s. Each one identifying with a higher level of consciousness.

Let me introduce you to each of these chakras in a summed-up version, and give you an understanding about identifying if a certain area of your life needs addressing.

Root (tailbone) is about stability, security in our basic needs as humans. If you feel scared of your own shadow, paranoid, fear scarcity, clear the bottom feeders!

Sacral (below the navel) passion, creativity and sexuality. If you use the “not tonight dear, I have a headache” excuse often check in with this chakra!

Solar Plexus (above navel) Suffering from poor self-esteem? Feeling rejected? Shake it up and shake it off with some dance/creativity! It’s all about trusting your perceptions, gut feelings, inner knowing and instincts. Know your worth!

Heart (center of chest) It’s all about love, forgiveness and trust. If you live in heartfelt fear you become bitter alienating others leading to loneliness. Forgiveness = Balance in this chakra. Don’t forget to tend to this one so you don’t end up an old cat lady!

Throat (guess where) Be honest, be truthful, and learn to own it. Don’t agree to keep peace, be honest if you know someone’s talking shit call them out (nicely).

Third Eye (above middle of the eyebrows) It’s all about intuition! Clear seeing and trusting what you get! Someone’s storytelling, and you know better, trust what you receive! Take your blinders off and deal with the reality of it all! If not, you might get moody because you are trusting someone else over truth.

Crown (top of the head) Enlightenment, higher consciousness and a deepening in spiritual connections. Get out of your own head long enough to see things for what they really are beneath the surface of prejudice, confusion or fear, advocate divine love and befriend your higher self! I remind people that God is not organized religion… open a dialogue and be ready for healing!

Just remember love is on your side, fear works against you! If someone personally or professionally makes you feel uneasy… self-scan your chakras. Check in with you and breathe. Shift your focus, and you will see how the energy shifts within you!

No matter how big or small a problem is, bring your best to it, it is key to remain: Calm, Cool and Collected: Despite It All!

Spirit Blessings!