Sessions with Raylene

Raylene comes from a heart centered place of light and love. As she sets her intentions to receive information to only serve your best and highest good. She does not respond to, or invoke fear on any level. Her desire is to allow Spirit to bring love and healing on a Soul level trusting that Spirit knows what is essential for her sitter.

The difference between the two types of sessions seems to be how one session begins and one ends. While in 'medium mode', Raylene raises her vibration, blending with Spirit's energy (both human and animals) to create a sacred space where communication can occur. Mediumship sessions begin with this blend. After Spirit has chosen to close the link, Raylene may reach for her oracle cards and continue with an Intuitive Psychic session that will address any questions, thoughts or concerns. For those who are unsure if they want to experience a Mediumship session, or have satisfied the desire during a previous session, it may be that they only wish to seek intuitive insight that concerns their past, present or future.

Raylene will only continue with the Mediumship if her sitter is open to the experience for there are times in an Intuitive Psychic session when Spirit steps forward to shine light on a matter or just to say "Hello, I love you" or "You have my support" etc. Raylene honors the Spirit before her, which is her sitter(s) and is very respectful of their wants and needs. She strongly encourages people to remember words are very powerful and to only take what resonates with them and let the rest go. You have free will, so one must realize this is never an absolute, instead, sort of a toolbox to help you reach your fullest potential.

The Tarot is an ancient system made up of 78 cards, each of which is meant to be predictive. They are traditional and structured with specific layout, each with predefined meanings for each placement and symbol.

Oracle cards are more fluid, less structured and the number of cards per deck vary. There are some accompanied by reference books and some designed to mirror a theme or call on deities, for example: angels or ascended masters.

Raylene prefers an Oracle card deck because they are less structured, allowing for divine guidance to visibly shape ones reading. Intuition is left to its own devices to guide ones interpretation with an Oracle card reading. This differs from the structured method woven within the Tarot. The Oracle cards resonate with Raylene's intuitive abilities while simultaneously making a connection with Spirit guidance.

Raylene truly believes you will just know for your Spirit will guide you.  It is important to realize that experiences on this earthly side of life's veil are for the living to learn and grow; ever evolving to ones highest self.  Let the evidence of your session validate the miracle that love and life are everlasting solidify a knowing that your loved ones are always with you guiding and supporting you.  Although connecting with loved ones, friends and guides in Spirit is comforting, both they and Raylene want you to embrace your journey. Allow the time for the experiences you were meant to have living, loving, healing and growing.