Sessions with Raylene

Simply come with an open heart and open mind. It is essential to your session that you allow for the flow of communication to be unhindered. Therefore, set aside preset expectations so that Spirit present may be acknowledged and not overlooked. Raylene has found being open to all possibilities paves the way for contact Spirit deems necessary.

Breathe, know your loved ones wish to communicate with you too. They make many attempts which are often dismissed as coincidences! To help you feel their closeness, Raylene suggests that you invite loved ones in closer a few days before your reading. Call to mind memories, conversations, special times, meaningful dates (anniversary, birthday, passing) shared with your spirit loved ones, as well as living family members and friends. This helps refresh your memory. Speak their names out loud, talk with them, this is like sending an invitation to them to spend time with you. There is no guarantee that a specific loved one whom you wish to connect with will come through, but talking to them and recalling memories will draw them in closer to you making a connection easier.

Also, think outside the box as to whom may make their presence known. We are all Spirits gathered, incarnate/human and discarnate/spirit. Love threads us making it important to recognize those in spirit have no reference of divide like ex-, step- etc. For with Spirit there are no degrees of separation so think outside the box creating an invite that all are welcome whether in-laws, outlaws, etc.


First, an open heart and open mind. Also, paper and pen would be helpful so that you may take notes. Personal items or photographs are not necessary for Raylene to link to loved ones in Spirit. However, having the items present may offer comfort and closer connections for you. If you do bring photographs, bring them sealed in an envelope. She would be happy to see them at the end of your session if you wish to share.


I smile inside when asked this question. Your loved ones have and will always remain a presence in your life.

It is important for a sitter to come into a session releasing any set expectation of Spirit. A medium is not able to summon a particular Spirit, for it is Spirit itself which decides who will come forward to:

  • orchestrate healing
  • provide evidence of the continuity of love and life everlasting
  • convey messages of forgiveness, gratitude or guidance

Both medium and sitter must trust that Spirit knows what is needed in that time.