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The difference between the two types of sessions seems to be how one session begins and one ends. While in ‘medium mode’, Raylene raises her vibration, blending with Spirit’s energy (both human and animals) to create a sacred space where communication can occur. Mediumship sessions begin with this blend. After Spirit has chosen to close the link, Raylene may reach for her oracle cards and continue with an Intuitive Psychic session that will address any questions, thoughts or concerns. For those who are unsure if they want to experience a Mediumship session, or have satisfied the desire during a previous session, it may be that they only wish to seek intuitive insight that concerns their past, present or future.

Raylene will only continue with the Mediumship if her sitter is open to the experience for there are times in an Intuitive Psychic session when Spirit steps forward to shine light on a matter or just to say “Hello, I love you” or “You have my support” etc. Raylene honors the Spirit before her, which is her sitter(s) and is very respectful of their wants and needs. She strongly encourages people to remember words are very powerful and to only take what resonates with them and let the rest go. You have free will, so one must realize this is never an absolute, instead, sort of a toolbox to help you reach your fullest potential.

Raylene comes from a heart centered place of light and love. As she sets her intentions to receive information to only serve your best and highest good. She does not respond to, or invoke fear on any level. Her desire is to allow Spirit to bring love and healing on a Soul level trusting that Spirit knows what is essential for her sitter.

The Tarot is an ancient system made up of 78 cards, each of which is meant to be predictive. They are traditional and structured with specific layout, each with predefined meanings for each placement and symbol.

Oracle cards are more fluid, less structured and the number of cards per deck vary. There are some accompanied by reference books and some designed to mirror a theme or call on deities, for example: angels or ascended masters.

Raylene prefers an Oracle card deck because they are less structured, allowing for divine guidance to visibly shape ones session. Intuition is left to its own devices to guide ones interpretation with an Oracle card session. This differs from the structured method woven within the Tarot. The Oracle cards resonate with Raylene’s intuitive abilities while simultaneously making a connection with Spirit guidance.

Raylene truly believes you will just know for your Spirit will guide you. It is important to realize that experiences on this earthly side of life’s veil are for the living to learn and grow; ever evolving to ones highest self. Let the evidence of your session validate the miracle that love and life are everlasting solidify a knowing that your loved ones are always with you guiding and supporting you. Although connecting with loved ones, friends and guides in Spirit is comforting, both they and Raylene want you to embrace your journey. Allow the time for the experiences you were meant to have living, loving, healing and growing.

First and foremost, Raylene encourages you to come to your session with an open heart and open mind. Reflecting a few days or up to week prior to your scheduled session helps to recall moments, memories, and times spent with those in the Spirit realm before they transitioned to Spirit can be helpful. Looking through photos especially can stir memories of things overshadowed and muted by grief since their passing.

Both people and pets sense us energetically reaching out to them. So, have conversations with the living about them, and talk to them as they hear you. Invite them to join you on the sacred journey of soul-to-soul communication. Yet, please keep in mind we have free will on both sides of life’s veil, therefore there is no expressed or implied guarantee that the specific loved one will come through. For if it were guaranteed it would imply the ability to summons, and as Raylene firmly believes the universal law of free will governs both sides of lives veil. One does not leave it behind for eternal progression is open to every human soul.

Reminiscing will stir your memories making things easier to recall. Raylene often shares she believes it is those in Spirit that send nudges and signs prompting her guests to feel moved to book a session.

First, an open heart and open mind. Also, paper and pen would be helpful so that you may take notes. Personal items or photographs are not necessary for Raylene to link to loved ones in Spirit. However, having the items present may offer comfort and closer connections for you. If you do bring photographs, bring them sealed in an envelope. She would be happy to see them at the end of your session if you wish to share.

I smile inside when asked this question. Your loved ones have and will always remain a presence in your life.

It is important for a sitter to come into a session releasing any set expectation of Spirit. A medium is not able to summon a particular Spirit, for it is Spirit itself which decides who will come forward to:

  • orchestrate healing
  • provide evidence of the continuity of love and life everlasting
  • convey messages of forgiveness, gratitude or guidance

Both medium and sitter must trust that Spirit knows what is needed in that time.

As a Conduit for Spirit, Raylene steps into and blends her energy with Spirit’s energy, creating a link for communication to occur. She has asked Spirit to allow her to absorb all the ways in they deliver evidence, paying special attention to experiences that become lessons of new techniques for her, as if in a “Spirit School”. The flow of information that is received is always unique to the bond between the two. She is always open to the ways Spirit chooses to express its truest intent. That said, most often, she does not remember the content of your session.

Please understand that your appointment will not be confirmed until payment has been received. Failure to send in your payment within the allotted time will result in the forfeit of your tentative appointment time. Payments for sessions booked via the website are required through PayPal. You do not need to be a member of PayPal; you are free to check out as a “guest”. For any appointments or public engagements that have been booked through other methods, you will be given specific instructions regarding your payment options. All purchases are final. There are no refunds on booked or completed sessions. Refer to Terms & Conditions for more information.

A gallery style session is one in which Raylene communicates messages from those who have crossed over to the Spirit realm to loved ones this side of life’s veil. Often, guests compare this time with Spirit to a mini family reunion. 

Currently these Galleries are held online via Zoom. Clients have embraced connecting from the comfort of their own homes. Zoom offers an opportunity for a group of family members, friends, or a mix to come together from anywhere across the country, even across the world. 

Spirit is in control, therefore not all participants are guaranteed a personal message. That said, Raylene truly believes all present will experience peace in knowing that life, like love, lives on as loves a whisper away.

No. Raylene Sousa Medium strictly forbids any, and all forms of audio and/or video recording of any session or event either in-person, phone, ZOOM or Skype. Raylene recommends you have paper and a pen handy to take notes if you like.

Yes! There is no difference in quality of connection or information because with mediumship I receive spirits energy, not a physical person. With Intuitive Psychic sessions I perceive your soul’s energy to blend and connect. Spirit transcends all so method of delivery makes no difference in their conveying messages of guidance and insight provided for you. Guests who have experienced all types of sessions find themselves preferring phone or Zoom for the convenience as well as  comfort of being in their own homes. The commute is rather nice too!

None, just you. I truly believe your loved ones in Spirit helped orchestrate your session. Loves presence remains and they wish to connect with you as much as you do them. I do not need you to give me any information prior to. I ask that you do NOT provide me with any insights or facts about you, your people Spirit side, nor your family here in the physical.

Keeping mediumship organic in allowing its natural flow maintains the integrity of your session and lets you to know without a doubt the messages communicated to you are authentic and Spirit led.

It truly depends on the size of the group. In smaller private mediumship galleries, most times participants receive a reading. However, there is no expressed or implied guarantee everyone will as we can only invite Spirit not to summon them. Therefore, I can’t guarantee to connect or receive a message from the other side for everyone partaking. Like you and I those in the spirit world retain free will. I trust they only send messages or connect when the time is right. That said over my many years of holding group readings, I can tell you most participants do receive messages. If not, find messages conveyed to another participant  to spark a sense of hey, that’s for me. I call this loves whisper.

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