Sessions with Raylene

What is an Intuitive Psychic Session like with Raylene?

Raylene’s wonderful sense of humor and down to earth style makes time with her like having a conversation with an old friend. During your session, Raylene recommends you find a private and comfortable place to relax. Depending how she is led by Spirit, she will usually give a short description of how she receives information. She will also ask you if you are open to receiving a message from a loved one should they make their presence known. If not please be assured Raylene will honor your request not to share such messages.

At the start of your Intuitive Psychic Session, she will take a few minutes with you to guide you to relax and clear your mind of the day's events. To help with this, she will suggest you take a few calming breaths and shift your thoughts to the now, so that your attention flows to the present. She then sets intentions for healing, and a flow of information serving only your highest good.

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Raylene will connect to the essence of your being to gain insight and guidance into the situations you’re asking about. Whether you share your questions aloud or not is up to you. However, please know if you have specific questions, you are free to ask. If she feels drawn to use divination tools, such as her oracle cards, to help bring forth additional information, she will do so.

Raylene honors the sitter's (your) Spirit, and is very respectful of your wants and needs. She strongly encourages people to remember that words are very powerful and to only take what resonates with you. Let the rest go. Her desire is to help others release self-limiting beliefs and allow the flow of all that serves their highest good. Recognizing that you have free will,  the information provided to you during a session is not absolute.

During your session, if felt called to Raylene may also provide you with links to meditations she finds helpful, recommended sites and or books for you to help honor and explore your soul's journey.

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