Intuitive Psychic

Unveiling Insights & Guiding Light

Raylene is a naturally gifted Intuitive Psychic. This extraordinary gift lends Raylene the ability to perceive information about a guest, walk a metaphysical mile in their shoes, and gain insight into what may be weighing their soul down.

Clarity, guidance, direction, and clarification of accurate insight delivered often inspires a guest to shift self-doubts, worries, concerns, and fears into belief in oneself, hopeful, enabled and equipped with information to make the change they seek. Guests recognize they have a choice and emotional victim mode may be self-sabotaging behaviors they can choose to change even if it feels things are out of their control. Humans have control over their thoughts, actions, and deeds. The knowledge and Insights received as a medium, or perceived as a psychic can be utilized as a tool by a guest. 

 Often, after an Intuitive Psychic session with Raylene, guests share that with greater awareness, and a new sense of direction they feel more equipped to overcome self-limiting beliefs, and blocks that they have been struggling with. Again, the information she receives as a medium or perceives as a psychic can be used as a tool by the guest. Raylene affirms that every guest holds the key to applying the information, concepts, ideas, or insights they receive as they choose respecting the universal principle of free will, for everyone has free will. For Raylene reaffirms her intention is to only shine light on that which will only serve one’s highest and best.

As Raylene opens to blend with guests during an Intuitive Psychic session, using psychic abilities, her sensitivities are heightened. This opens her to greater awareness of those in Spirit that may step in to make their presence known. It’s no surprise to her as Spirit links, mediumship, are most often followed by intuitive guidance pertaining to areas of concern. They often come to provide information and insight supporting, confirming, and encouraging the guest’s journey.  If one in Spirit makes themselves known during your Intuitive Psychic session Raylene will always ask first if you’re comfortable receiving a message from them before sharing their presence as she holds immense respect for Spirit both sides of life’s veil.

What to Anticipate

Raylene’s wonderful sense of humor and down to earth style makes time with her like having a conversation with an old friend. For your session Raylene recommends you find a private comfortable place to relax and to make the most of your session.

Depending on Spirit’s guidance, she typically provides a brief overview of how she obtains information as well as ask whether you’re open to receiving a message from a loved one should they come forward. As previously shared Raylene will always ask first if you’re comfortable receiving a message from them before sharing, as she holds immense respect for Spirit both sides of life’s veil. 

Raylene will guide you to relax and clear your mind of the day’s events. Inviting you to pause and take a few soothing breaths, she calls God breaths, to help center, calm and ground you. The intention is to focus your thoughts on the present moment, the now, to assist in the process. This helps clear your mind of the day’s events. This is your time to be present, not just to show up.  Intentions are set that the insight and guidance received will be that which only serves your highest good is a constant in all sessions.

She will connect to the essence of your being to gain insight and guidance into your soul’s journey. You may choose to ask your questions or keep them to yourself. Regardless, feel free to ask any specific questions you might have, especially if it’s your why, as the time slips by quickly. Some guests come prepared with a list, some guests prefer to see what naturally unfolds. If drawn to use divination tools, such as her oracle cards, to help bring forth additional information, she will do so. Raylene values your soul being and is deeply respectful of your desires and needs. She strongly urges everyone to remember that words are truly powerful and encourages all to only embrace what resonates within letting the rest go.

 Raylene aspires to help others in overcoming self-imposed limitations, removing barriers, and encouraging the flow of all that serves their highest good. Understanding that you possess free will, she emphasizes that the information provided during a session isn’t absolute. Each of us has free will. Yes, even those who have transitioned to the Spirit. One’s free will is absolute, not something you leave behind when you cross over.

There are times when Raylene is guided to share links to helpful resources, meditations, support groups, insightful books etc. to support you in honoring, and traversing your soul’s journey. 

Do note that Raylene is not a fortune teller. She acknowledges the free will of each soul, no matter where they reside, either side of life’s veil. As a natural medium, her dedication and commitment to her relationship with those in Spirit is unique. She finds it a gift to serve as a voice for those in Spirit and enlighten those seeking soul growth this side of life’s veil. Her mantra, ‘Trust Spirit’.

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