As a Spiritual Medium, I am naturally psychic, and with this, my Spirit communication relies heavily on a heightened sense of awareness. This in turn, lends credence to my psychic senses’ ability to reflect an inner knowing. Information I would otherwise have no way of knowing, comes to light; sometimes simply coming to me as a hunch, a gamble, or a gut feeling. Even though logic makes it appear risky to trust my senses, I move forward trusting that it will all work out in the end. Intuitive insight and psychic awareness, are valuable tools when dealing with people and situations that come with all aspects of life; both personal and business. But even without psychic senses or ability, you too can receive guidance! Your Soul is equipped with intuitive Guided Psychic Senses or a “GPS”. You were born programmed with these abilities already! Surprised?

Most have heard of the phrase “don’t be a doubting ‘Thomas’”. This reference/saying implies that Thomas’s are skeptics in need of proof before believing in something, and are left questioning even when concrete information is laid before them. Doubting Thomas’s love feeding our egos; they do not see the glass as half full, but instead emptied of any possibility or in other words, the glass that is half empty is only getting poured onto our hopes and dreams. This projects onto us waves of fear and doubt and each time we think we know what to do, or how to do it, the wave “Thomas” projects, disrupts our progress.

If you are looking for progress… bid Thomas adieu! And say a big hello to my favorites… “Trustworthy Clair’s”! Unlike a Thomas, Clair’s clearly have a multifaceted personality! You can count on Clair’s ability to approach everything with clarity; they shine light on the positive aspects and give glimpses into the past, present and future. As I stated before, you should know that the ability to be like Clair, and see things clearly, have been with you since the day you transitioned to this side of life’s veil, and even when you forget and run to Thomas’s team, Clair is always there! You’ll find that building a relationship with Clair is natural… all one must do is trust their instincts or inner knowing.

Personally, Clair helps me to see clear things and ideas, rather than the imagined or presumed. I receive visions, signs, symbols, names, messages, feelings, and emotions surrounding situations and relationships in varying degrees. This helps me to deliver information to a client, which empowers them with tools for their personal toolboxes. Paying attention to either Thomas or Clair is a decision that one has to make, for we have all have free will as to which team we choose to be on. There are many types of Clair’s and so much I could share, but below are a few tidbits of information as to the many facets of Clair (clear) abilities you too can strengthen, just by trusting your personal ‘GPS’.

Clairvoyance clear seeing 

I find this to be like watching clips of a movie; snapshots or photos, a person, a place, a situation unfolding visions of the past, present and future. These images are viewed through my mind’s eye. The mind’s eye is often referred to as one’s “third eye”. As the information comes in, it can emulate a ‘daydream’ or a way of mirroring an overactive imagination. The thing to understand is that the message “seeing is believing”, cannot always be trusted with both eyes open. Learning to trust your mind’s eye is what is key here. I am a highly visual person so my clairvoyance/clear seeing is strong.

Claircognizance ~ clear knowing 

Think about those times you just know; you have insight into what’s gone on, what’s going to happen and what will be. You may not have concrete proof of people or events, and upon reflection might even question how you could have such knowledge about any of it. But as I mentioned above, this is your Soul ‘GPS’… you should trust it! Spirit nudges me with thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere; I have signs that validates the information for me. I call this my ‘truth bumps’ (like goosebumps, but a tad different). Clearly knowing something to be truth and trusting it, strengthens one’s faith because of the lack of the tangible. Premonitions of what will occur if a certain path is taken, or what will occur if ignored can be concerning, but also so valuable. I find when I do not trust my inner guidance or when I do not follow my hunch … I often regret it. Reflect on it, and next time…build that trust!

Clairsentience ~ clear feeling

Do you ever sense or feel another’s sadness, joy, concerns or literally feel their pain? A lot of people refer to themselves as empaths now a day. This ability reflects a strong clairsentient tendency that most often people are unaware of. They need to reflect and decipher if it is theirs or that of another. It is key to figure out your own tendency when moving forward with a decision. You know when you get a gut feeling, positive or negative, about a person, place or situation? If you meet someone and you get a vibe that makes you uncomfortable or find yourself in a place or situation feeling uneasy (or experience the opposite), you just love a person or do not want to leave a place etc. This is you being guided by your Soul ‘GPS’! Again… trust it. Don’t allow Thomas to talk you out of what you innately know to be true, because you strongly feel it to be!

Let’s be Clair instead!

With Blessings of Spirit!