Sessions with Raylene

What is a Mediumship session like with Raylene?

Raylene’s wonderful sense of humor and down to earth style makes time with Raylene like having a conversation with an old friend. During your session, Raylene recommends you find a private and comfortable place to relax. Depending how Raylene is led by Spirit, she will usually give you a short description of how she receives information. Raylene will offer a short prayer setting intentions for healing and only that which serves your highest good. You both will then sit quietly for a few moments as Raylene raises her vibration as she connects with your loved ones. Once her energy has blended with theirs she will then begin to share the information that is being given. Raylene understands the sensitive nature of Spirit communications therefore, as a sitter you can be reassured all flow of communication is held in highest regard and confidentiality. Every link is personal to the sitter and Spirit communicator. Raylene sets her intentions for ones highest good. As a conduit for Spirit she also knows as a voice for Spirit healing occurs not only in the earthly realm but behind the veil. Spirit loved ones come to reassure us that they are whole, well and close by. The message can just be the validation of continuity of life. For some the communication serves as a conduit for healing bringing closure; acknowledgement of personal responsibility of hurtful behavior or forgiveness. One never knows.

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It is Raylene's hope that you will come to a session with an open mind and open heart as well as a willingness to allow Spirit to guide the session. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions once Raylene is done giving information. If you have specific questions you seek intuitive psychic insight into, Raylene would strongly recommend that you write your questions out in advance and bring them with you. That way, your mind can be free to listen to the information instead of being preoccupied with what you want to ask. As the information flows your awareness is key in unlocking the evidence given.

*Please know Spirit transcends all therefore Phone or Skype readings are available and for your convenience. Clients have embraced connecting from the comfort of their own homes. 

What is a Gallery Style session?

A gallery style reading is one in which Raylene communicates with Spirit for a group of people gathered together in one room. During a gallery reading not everyone present is guaranteed a message. Raylene trusts Spirit to convey who they wish to communicate within the conscious moment. Raylene truly believes all present will experience peace in knowing the continuity of life bearing witness to evidential mediumship and messages.
*Travel fee may apply

What is a Group Style session?

A group style reading is Raylene will come to your home, office or other venue, and read for each person individually, a 1:1 session. The time of the individual session is based on the amount of time booked prior to the event.
*Travel fee may apply

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