Mediumship: Soul to Soul Communication

A white feather delicately falling down onto a person's hand

As a Conduit for Spirit Raylene conveys soul to soul communication between those who have crossed over to the Spirit realm, and those of us who remain on this side of life’s veil in our physical world. Raylene’s hope is that each guest comes to a session with an open mind, heart, and a willingness to allow the Spirit to guide the session. She sets her intentions for healing to reveal that which only serves your highest and best, Raylene trusts Spirit will gift insight into what is needed to comfort those grieving.

Spirit loved ones make their presence known to reassure us of their well-being, closeness and validate the continuity of life. For some, these mediumship communications serve as healing conduits that often provide closure, personal accountability, or forgiveness. One never knows what may transpire.

Pieces of evidence like names, characteristics, preferences, and relationships conveyed confirm your loved one’s presence. Guests often share moments that feel like a mini family reunion; giving guests time to reconnect with their love, receive insightful messages, facilitate healing, and often find closure. There are moments guests receive apologies Spirit never offered prior. This beautiful gesture often leads to the recipients healing.

The opportunity to touch that love again, receive heartfelt messages, and propagate healing often facilitates closure. It is comforting to know they walk with us, hear us, celebrate us, support us, and send many signs to reaffirm it. 

Witnessing this, Raylene aspires to bring awareness of the ongoing communication our departed loved one’s gift us with for we all receive signs and messages. Know that, as the information flows, your awareness is the key to unlocking the evidence given. For, without your presence and theirs all this is unknown to Raylene.

Journeying on her own spiritual path, Raylene acknowledges a profound ethical responsibility to honor both the Spirit and you, her guest. A genuine sense of respect and care is always reflected in the loving way in which she delivers the information she receives whether Medium or Intuitive Psychic.

A gallery style session is one in which Raylene communicates messages from those who have crossed over to the Spirit realm to loved ones this side of life’s veil. Often, guests compare this time with Spirit to a mini family reunion. 

Currently these Galleries are held online via Zoom. Clients have embraced connecting from the comfort of their own homes. Zoom offers an opportunity for a group of family members, friends, or a mix to come together from anywhere across the country, even across the world. 

Spirit is in control, therefore not all participants are guaranteed a personal message. That said, Raylene truly believes all present will experience peace in knowing that life, like love, lives on as loves a whisper away.

What to Anticipate in Your Spirit Medium Session

Raylene’s warm nature, wonderful sense of humor and down to earth style makes time with Raylene like engaging in conversation with an old friend. Raylene’s hope is that you will come to a session with an open mind, open heart, and a willingness to allow Spirit to guide the session.

 During your session, Raylene recommends you find a private and comfortable place to relax. Depending on how Raylene is led by Spirit, she will offer a short description of how she, personally, receives information. Raylene will offer a prayer setting intentions for healing and only that which serves your highest good, you both will sit quietly a few moments as Raylene raises her vibration as she connects with your loved ones.

Once her energy has blended with theirs, she will begin to share the information given. Raylene understands the sensitive nature of Spirit communications. Therefore, as a guest you can be reassured all flow of communication be held in highest regard and confidentiality. Each link is personal to the guest and Spirit communicator. Raylene’s setting her intentions for one’s highest good is a constant in all sessions. A conduit for Spirit, she also knows as a voice for Spirit, healing occurs not only in the earthly realm, but behind the veil.

Spirit loved ones reassure us that they are whole, well and close by. Their message can just be the validation of continuity of life. For some guests, mediumship communication serves as a conduit for healing bringing closure, acknowledgement of personal responsibility of hurtful behavior or forgiveness. One never knows the direction Spirit will lead us in.

There will be time for you to ask questions once Raylene finishes giving information. If you have specific questions you wish to seek intuitive psychic insight into, Raylene recommends you write your questions out in advance and have them with you. This way, your mind is free to listen to the information instead of being preoccupied with what you want to ask. As information flows your awareness is key to unlocking the evidence given. Knowing that you possess free will, Raylene emphasizes that the information provided during a session is not absolute and each of us has free will. Even those who have transitioned to the Spirit. Free will is absolute, not something you leave behind when you cross over.

There are times when Raylene feels guided to share links to helpful resources, meditations, support groups, grief support, insightful books and more to support you in honoring, and traversing your soul journey.

Do note that Raylene is not a fortune teller. Raylene acknowledges the free will of each soul, no matter where they reside, either side of life’s veil. As a natural medium, her dedication and commitment to her relationship with those in Spirit is unique.

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