The difference between an
Intuitive Psychic and Mediumship Session

The difference between the two types of sessions seems to be how one session begins and one ends. While in ‘medium mode’, Raylene raises her vibration, blending with Spirit’s energy (both human and animals) to create a sacred space where communication can occur. Mediumship sessions begin with this blend. After Spirit has chosen to close the link, Raylene may reach for her oracle cards and continue with an Intuitive Psychic session that will address any questions, thoughts or concerns. For those who are unsure if they want to experience a Mediumship session, or have satisfied the desire during a previous session, it may be that they only wish to seek intuitive insight that concerns their past, present or future.

Raylene will only continue with the Mediumship if her sitter is open to the experience for there are times in an Intuitive Psychic session when Spirit steps forward to shine light on a matter or just to say “Hello, I love you” or “You have my support” etc. Raylene honors the Spirit before her, which is her sitter(s) and is very respectful of their wants and needs. She strongly encourages people to remember words are very powerful and to only take what resonates with them and let the rest go. You have free will, so one must realize this is never an absolute, instead, sort of a toolbox to help you reach your fullest potential.

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Mediumship Session

As a Conduit for Spirit Raylene conveys soul to soul communication between those who have crossed over to the Spirit realm, and those of us who remain on this side of life’s veil in our physical world. Raylene’s hope is that each guest comes to a session with an open mind, heart, and a willingness to allow the Spirit to guide the session. She sets her intentions for healing to reveal that which only serves your highest and best, Raylene trusts Spirit will gift insight into what is needed to comfort those grieving.

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Intuitive Psychic Session

Raylene is a naturally gifted Intuitive Psychic. This extraordinary gift lends Raylene the ability to perceive information about a guest, walk a metaphysical mile in their shoes, and gain insight into what may be weighing their soul down. Clarity, guidance, direction, and clarification of accurate insight delivered often inspires a guest to shift self-doubts, worries, concerns, and fears into belief in oneself, hopeful, enabled and equipped with information to make the change they seek.

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Mediumship Gallery

A gallery style session is one in which Raylene communicates messages from those who have crossed over to the Spirit realm to loved ones this side of life’s veil. Often, guests compare this time with Spirit to a mini family reunion. Currently these Galleries are held online via Zoom. Clients have embraced connecting from the comfort of their own homes. Zoom offers an opportunity for a group of family members, friends, or a mix to come together from anywhere across the country, even across the world. 

What can I do to prepare for my session?

First and foremost, Raylene encourages you to come to your session with an open heart and open mind. Reflecting a few days or up to week prior to your scheduled session helps to recall moments, memories, and times spent with those in the Spirit realm before they transitioned to Spirit can be helpful. Looking through photos especially can stir memories of things overshadowed and muted by grief since their passing.

Both people and pets sense us energetically reaching out to them. So, have conversations with the living about them, and talk to them as they hear you. Invite them to join you on the sacred journey of soul-to-soul communication. Yet, please keep in mind we have free will on both sides of life’s veil, therefore there is no expressed or implied guarantee that the specific loved one will come through. For if it were guaranteed it would imply the ability to summons, and as Raylene firmly believes the universal law of free will governs both sides of lives veil. One does not leave it behind for eternal progression is open to every human soul.

Reminiscing will stir your memories making things easier to recall. Raylene often shares she believes it is those in Spirit that send nudges and signs prompting her guests to feel moved to book a session.


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