Ever feel as though you are waiting for the other shoe to drop? Do you feel at times that no matter how smooth things are going, instead of enjoying yourself, you foster an underlying apprehension that although all is well, it’s only a matter of time until something will happen to steal your joy?

 Coming to terms with these debilitating thoughts and putting them to rest can be very challenging for many. The concept that fear is only an illusion, to me, means a semblance of one’s own imagination. I am sure each of you can recall times when fear brought about feelings of unease and anxiety; feelings that culminate worry and intensify (especially when derived from false concerns). Worry visits all possible negative outcomes instead of handling the reality of an issue, and reality is what offers a glimpse of truth in what one may or may not have control over. Sorting what is real from the imagined can be such a challenge.

One’s imagination magnifies issues and makes them appear much more insurmountable than what they are. Let’s think of it this way… relate perception of thought to a brand-new pair of shoes; each shoe individually handcrafted, polished, and packed neatly paired with its opposite. Each of these shoes are identical besides their intent to fit either left or right foot. Now picture the right shoe as real, and the left imagined.

The right shoe is a factual shoe; a tangible object with a focus on what is evidential, obvious, objective and can be held to logic. The left side in contrast, is riddled with imagined concerns, possibilities, judgements, assumptions and illogical fear based on ‘what if’s’.

Those times a discussion is taking place in your mind, and you find yourself suddenly consumed with doubt and fear, it’s like putting your left shoe on your right foot, and vice versa. Logically we know it isn’t meant to work that way. The two sides shouldn’t conflict. The more you try to make them fit, the more misshapen and scuffed up they become. That’s what can happen to our thoughts as our perception shifts right to left (positive to negative). A happy thought is comfortable and brings peace of mind. A negative thought occurs, and allows discomfort, irritation and bothersome thoughts.

Do you realize this is what manifests self-limiting beliefs and doubts? The ego loves to dance in well-worn worry. Two left feet don’t work! The correct fit is found when there is a balance between the right and the left, so that each side works in sync with the other. So, what’s the solution? A blend of what it takes to begin to settle into both right and left shoes, can be as simple as change is implemented. As life comes with ups and downs there are key ingredients to success in overcoming unfounded fears and doubts. Now these though factual items we need to dig deep inside ourselves to strengthen and grasp. Like trust not always readily available or self-love until you branch out and manifest them within. The journey takes time. There are concrete ways that have been proven to work as I have given homework to clients (sitters) in my practice.

As a Spiritual Medium, I honor Spirit both sides of life’s veil. People trust me to truly “see” into their lives. So many times, I find myself explaining how activities like journaling, meditating, exercising, eating well etc. can all contribute to a greater knowing and sense of self. As clients commit to these tasks, something they have real control over, they have discovered new methods of fostering self-love, self-care and intuitive insights received while still in meditation. Meditation does not always have to be 30 plus moments of silence, until you are naturally drawn to spend more time, you can start with five minutes. Try it a few times throughout the day. This technique will help ground you in the now, and scatter a bit of worry from the forefront of your mind. Find what resonates within you, and give it a 21 day try. I have always heard that it takes 21 days to break an old habit as well as to develop a new one.

The practices a client chooses helps calm their busy brains by shifting their focus from the worry of things to an honest perspective of what is real and what is imagined. Journaling is also a concrete way for putting pen to paper is a tangible activity. If someone says they have no idea where to start writing…I suggest writing to their inner child. Just write or doodle, keep it simple to begin with, as in time Spirit will nudge you to dig deeper resulting in growth.

A culmination of all that serves one’s highest good is now patented and manufactured in a fashion they could not have conceived prior to implementing positive steps. All intended for one to discover how to polish away the emotional scuff marks and replenish your tattered Soul from the ego’s tactics.

The base for a holistic formula starts with a healthy dose of trust; it is an essential ingredient. Trust adds an element of knowing “you got this” regardless the circumstance. Followed by some generous amounts of self-love, intuition, and patience (all important for resiliency), and all of which are virtually empowering! Bottle it with knowledge that things take time to unfold, and mostly take us in the direction of what serves our highest good. Essentially, we are meant to solve to evolve to our highest self. Therefore, the only solution needed to rise, shine and restore the luster in your living…be shoe polish ready!

Please note: If you are running short on any ingredient in any given moment…go back to Source where there is an abundance if you believe!  Just ask and you will receive!

With Blessings of Spirit!