Inspirational Resources

It is not always an easy task to remain centered, calm, cool or collected in thought or in action while dealing with life stressors. World events, natural disasters, or harm caused by one of our own species against another, can leave us in emotional disarray. Each day, people are impacted throughout the world by tragedy, but when it does not directly impact one’s little piece of the world, or has only passed by as news, the effects are minimal for most. On the other hand, other events that are seemingly large on a public scale, impact life journeys with irreversible effects. Our minds often become overwhelmed when faced with the daunting task of trying to comprehend the why, or what’s next; it is understandable that such events throw us off center. And while the events may leave us feeling powerless and with no viable explanation as to the why, fear emerges, and one may shift the focus on confusion, angst, heated emotions, as well as the rationalization for not staying aligned with oneself.

As a Spiritual Medium, I am naturally psychic, and with this, my Spirit communication relies heavily on a heightened sense of awareness. This in turn, lends credence to my psychic senses’ ability to reflect an inner knowing. Information I would otherwise have no way of knowing, comes to light; sometimes simply coming to me as a hunch, a gamble, or a gut feeling. Even though logic makes it appear risky to trust my senses, I move forward trusting that it will all work out in the end. Intuitive insight and psychic awareness, are valuable tools when dealing with people and situations that come with all aspects of life; both personal and business. But even without psychic senses or ability, you too can receive guidance! Your Soul is equipped with intuitive Guided Psychic Senses or a “GPS”. You were born programmed with these abilities already! Surprised?

WORDS can be powerful, thought provoking, charming, loving, enlightening, funny, optimistic, encouraging and mood altering. However, WORDS can also be self-harming, angry, discouraging, pessimistic, sad, hateful and downright nasty.

We can’t escape WORDS, nor should we want to. However, its most helpful when WORDS are used to help, not hinder encounters with others or self. Interactions, whether personally or professionally, center around WORDS.

Some people make it look so simple… living someone else’s life. They throw their ‘opinion manual’ out there full of do’s, don’ts, wrongs, rights, should have’s, would have’s, etc. They put tons of effort into figuring out what someone else is or isn’t doing correctly, and where it is nice to receive simple feedback that is insightful and helpful, the residual of asking for it can sometimes cause us to live the rhetoric of their disappointment, and that can be overwhelming. The upset you have caused another by not following their advice now leaves you in a tailspin of questioning why you asked for insight in the first place. In these situations, you need to ask yourself: are there relationships (regardless the origin or type) in your life where you find yourself overseeing, judging, or questioning another’s decision while they choose their life path?  Who is it in your life that you feel conflicted about?

Ever feel as though you are waiting for the other shoe to drop? Do you feel at times that no matter how smooth things are going, instead of enjoying yourself, you foster an underlying apprehension that although all is well, it’s only a matter of time until something will happen to steal your joy?