Spiritual Assessment

What is a Spiritual Assessment Session?

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A Spiritual Assessment is one in which Spirit brings forth insight they want you to know about your life path, with intention and focus on your spiritual journey. This session provides practical advice for your spiritual growth and journey as Raylene connects with you on a spiritual level. As she refers to it as a type of soul-to-soul communication with those living. Unlike mediumship, a form of soul-to-soul communication with those spirit side of life’s veil.

 This consultation is about you and the answers you may need to certain questions such as:  Why am I here? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to accomplish? With Spirits guidance Raylene will assess your spiritual potential. Looking into your soul Raylene seeks to access your strengths, weaknesses, and abilities to determine whether you are currently on your proper path or soul journey. This is not about telling you what is going to happen, it is giving guidance to you regarding your potential only.

Raylene’s natural mediumistic abilities coupled with her strong psychic insights enhance this connection as she taps into higher consciousness delivering insights received. This lends you and Raylene greater awareness of the weaknesses that fuel the limited aspect of the ego. The human ego is riddled with fear, doubt, and insecurity. However, knowing this and that eternal progression is open to every human soul, she believes that it is never too late to discern ways in which you may turn your weaknesses into strengths to create a clearer vision of your life path. 

 With this shift of perception, an open heart and mind people often awaken blossoming into who they wish to be. It has been said that knowledge is power, and the insight received is intended to empower you to foster only that which serves your highest and best. 

Once the door of possibility opens, some guests begin to recognize opportunities trusting Spirit to either embark on a new path or amend enhance the path they are on. A sparked interest in a purpose with newfound interest in working to overcome obstacles. The hope is you look at it as a chance to leap towards personal goals and successes. 

As a Spiritual Medium, and Ordained Spiritualist Minister Raylene is inspired by the Spirit realm, Raylene trusts loves divine presence to only bring forth that which only serves her guests highest and best and, in all scenarios, reminds guests that words are powerful so only take what resonates and let the rest go. You were born with all the spiritual tools you will ever need along your life path, but in ways never taught how to apply them. 

What may be the benefits of having a Spiritual Assessment?

Everyone is unique and to make lasting changes one must be willing to move out of their own way. Often it becomes a journey of self-love, self-worth, and inner knowing. 

  • Opportunity to discover and awaken your unique abilities, skills, and talents. Once uncovered, discern from the ones you innately embrace, and the ones that call for more focused attention that you may not give.
  • Come to understand your place in our world as a divine spark of God’s love and light shining awareness on the true essence of you to align yourself with your soul’s higher calling to begin to live consciously aware of what resonates within not what another thinks you should be doing.
  • Review your soul path to where you stand now, while deciphering life’s circumstances that may have deterred you from the path you feel called to. Hence, encouraging you to give attention to what tugs at your heart strings.
  • Live with intention understanding that experiences good, bad, or indifferent, even though some may be disheartening, come with lessons to challenge us. We are not meant to sit on the sidelines but get into the game of life from a soul perspective, not a material one. 
  • Those who have struggled tend to question their sense of self. You are with yourself 24/7. Discover why some days you may question your why. Wondering to yourself, who am I; why am I feeling insecure or resistant to change. Let us look at it together on a soul level.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, and questioning, why the same negative things keep reoccurring the insight of a spiritual assessment may reveal the why. Knowing may lend insight to you as to the how. It has been said that history has a way of repeating itself until one learns and develops a new way. Until you decipher the why and discover a different approach such events will keep presenting themselves over and over until you do something different.

Keep in mind, the insights provided by Spirit have nothing to do with material life, just Spirit’s hope for you in this soul-to- soul communication. It is not fortune telling or absolute. Your Soul knows the way, but the ego constructs real or imaginary roadblocks. Raylene is just the messenger.

Raylene wants to make clear this is not a mediumship session.

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