Barbara J Hopkinson, Plum Island, MA

“I was referred to Raylene by a friend who knows that I work with the grieving – especially families that have lost children. From my own personal experience with losing 3 children, I know there is nothing more important to a bereaved parent than knowing their child’s spirit continues, free of pain. When I choose to refer these families to a Medium, I am very careful about who I refer them to. It must be a Medium who is gentle, detailed, and genuine. Raylene was excellent! My older son and both my parents came through in a very credible way. During our session, she provided much evidence and validation regarding my loved ones which brought me much comfort. She is the ‘real thing’, and I happily refer her to people who are looking for a Spiritual Medium.”

Barbara J Hopkinson
Founder, A Butterfly’s Journey To A New Normal
Plum Island, MA