Brenda Moors

“Last night I attended one of Raylene Sousa’s galleries called Evening with Spirit. I had wanted to attend one of these sessions for a while but never committed to doing so for two reasons 1 being the cost and 2 being unsure if it would be the right thing for me to do spiritually. I waited and prayed. I finally signed up. Before signing in early to Zoom online I prayed again, inviting all my loved ones from the other side to show up. I made myself comfortable, with a cold drink and tissues just in case. I had no expectations and a bunch of questions but relaxed as soon as I met Raylene. She invited us all to take a deep breath and to relax. I felt a peace that I hadn’t had in a long time. 

I listened as she spoke to others in the gallery, at one point I felt an emotional response to something she said to one of the other participants. Before too long I was blessed with a reading from Raylene all of my questions were answered without having them asked. I was impressed with all that she knew. I laughed and I cried and most of all I just know in my heart that this woman is blessed with a gift from God. 

I came away from the experience filled with peace and love.”