Clare G, Exeter, NH

“I really didn’t know what to expect when Raylene asked me to close my eyes and my mom and dad popped into my head. Immediately Raylene amazed me as she started to describe them right down to the clothing they were wearing right down ‘to a T’ as to how they dressed. She talked about our relatives, including the ones they were with and some I had never met, but knew of through stories. The evidence Raylene brought through resonated within the first few moments of my session. They acknowledged the difficulties I have had in my life – my divorce, as well as my coping with a daughter suffering from mental difficulties. They were saying how proud they were of me and how I handled the challenges. Growing up, I didn’t get a lot of praise from them. I had tears in my eyes for how they were proud of me for how I had handled tough situations, as my parents had always viewed me as ‘the frail one’ in the family.

I had always wanted to be the boy my father never had. In my reading my dad came through to tell me that he wished he’d told me more that he had loved me. He said because of the way he was brought up that he hadn’t. I am grateful that I was able to have that experience because I had never known that before. It was because of this experience with Raylene’s communicating with my family that I finally felt proud of the way I had handled things and knew inside that my parents loved me. My session with Raylene made me feel at peace knowing that I was loved and supported for the decisions I had made. I finally felt that I had their approval. It was such a gift to hear they were proud of me.”