Donna W, Amesbury, MA

“Little did I know that on my most recent visit with you I would come away with a feeling of such warmth, light and joy.

I was there for a haircut, and it isn’t unusual for us to have some pretty interesting conversations. But near the end of this visit you suggested we have a look at your cards. While you shuffled the cards, you started to describe someone I was supposed to know who had passed.

I didn’t get it at first–had to work at it. But when clarity hit, what a feeling of elation! You made comments and statements that you had absolutely no way of knowing, and although I have long known that my loved ones who have passed are with me, having someone sit across the table from me and seemingly pull things out of the air like that is incredible. I have to say that I was purely shocked. How could you know these things?? And somehow you sensed that I needed this. Thank you for being who you are and for sharing the light of your soul with us.”