Erin Haggerty, ME

My experience with Raylene was very powerful. I was raised in a family where mediumship and metaphysical were common conversation. I have had multiple readings with many talented psychics/ mediums, but Raylene’s left a deeper impression. Like many, I was grieving a recently lost loved one, and I believe one of the most challenging parts of grief is the frustration and uncanny feeling of never actually being able to sit beside them, in this physical plane they have left. Within seconds, Raylene made contact with my stepfather, and described him to a T. She brought forth his personality, and it was like we were all sitting down at a table together. She mentioned how laughter is so healing for them on the other side- as well for us – I had tears of laughter streaming down my face for the entire hour. It was joyous, powerful, and most of all, it was of love and light – a deep connection that still resides even after they are gone. Raylene affirmed that, and I am forever grateful.

 Within the hour I had with her, she left me with the feeling that when someone crosses over, their true self is left with you. Not only did she bring forth messages from loved ones, but she tapped into MY true self which was very helpful in my journey. She also used animal cards toward the end of my session which helped to tie in other aspects of source which keep showing up!! 

Magic is everywhere. Thank you again!”