Katelyn Dennis, NH

“Can’t say enough about Raylene! I dragged my husband to one of her events at the last minute. I am a believer, my husband a complete skeptic. From the moment they walked in, and the calming music played, I was completely overtaken with emotion right away. I just couldn’t stop crying, the energy seemed to just take over my entire body. Raylene started and went immediately over to our area. She started reading my husband, we were both very confused because the pieces were just not adding up. He couldn’t think of a Bill, a baseball/cardinal’s connection and many more things that Raylene was presenting. She continued sharing and his stepfather came through. 

Later during the break, I met my husband at the bar to get us a drink. He looked a bit shocked. I figured he was going to tell me how this was crazy, and he didn’t believe. He then said … yesterday we had a memorial for that guy at work that past last year. My husband, a year ago, had been called by his boss and told his co-worker had had a heart attack and was enroute to the hospital. Having no immediate family, my husband offered to go. His coworker passed on the way to the hospital, but my husband waited all day for someone to come down from his family. 

I asked my husband what his name was… it was Bill. Bill’s favorite baseball team was the Cardinals. 

We were both so concentrated on our immediate family coming through that in that moment he just couldn’t think of anything relevant until leaving the space.  Pretty amazing!

I was also able to connect with my grandmother, which was the exact reason I had personally wanted to go and was so nervous I would leave without this gift. Wonderful experience💜❤️💜