Stephanie Marie

“I regularly watch Raylene’s Facebook LIVE videos and finally went for a private reading. If I could give more stars I would! Listening to her is like the David Allan Boucher (Bedtime Magic) of the Spirit world. She is so calm, insightful, and inspiring. I really resonated with her reading, and she brought back so many feelings and memories of loved ones that I forgot along the way. She also lifted my spirit and reassured me I’m on the right path in this lifetime. This was the best reading I ever had, and I have had my share of readings. I left her (virtually of course) feeling inspired and so positive. 

I highly recommend her for spiritual guidance and the way she respects the process, and the person. She is amazing and I really resonate with a lot that she says. Even listening on her Facebook LIVE, I can relate to her readings for others because it often reminds me to reflect on my life. She is talented and a life coach to me! I definitely recommend her and can’t wait for a private reading. 

I appreciate her and Spirits guidance!”