Why People Love Raylene

"I was referred to Raylene by a friend who knows that I work with the grieving - especially families that have lost children. From my own personal experience with losing 3 children, I know there is nothing more important to a bereaved parent than knowing their child's spirit continues, free of pain. When I choose to refer these families to a Medium, I am very careful about who I refer them to. It must be a Medium who is gentle, detailed, and genuine. Raylene was excellent! My older son and both my parents came through in a very credible way. During our session, she provided much evidence and validation regarding my loved ones which brought me much comfort. She is the 'real thing', and I happily refer her to people whom are looking for a Spiritual Medium."

Barbara J Hopkinson
Founder, A Butterfly's Journey To A New Normal
Plum Island, MA

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we loved our reading yesterday with you. You made some skeptical people change their thinking and open their minds. I feel so fortunate that I could be part of it. We have a sense of peace today; thank you!"

Christine B
Newbury, MA

“I really didn’t know what to expect when Raylene asked me to close my eyes and my mom and dad popped into my head. Immediately Raylene amazed me as she started to describe them right down to the clothing they were wearing right down ‘to a T’ as to how they dressed. She talked about our relatives including the ones they were with and some I had never met, but knew of through stories. The evidence Raylene brought through resonated within the first few moments of my session. They acknowledged the difficulties I have had in my life – my divorce, as well as, my coping with a daughter suffering from mental difficulties. They were saying how proud they were of me and how I handled the challenges. Growing up, I didn’t get a lot of praise from them. I had tears in my eyes for how they were proud of me for how I had handled the tough situations, as my parents had always viewed me as ‘the frail one’ in the family.

“It was Father’s Day, 2014 and I had suggested Raylene give my husband a reading (who is as skeptical as they come). The spirit brought forward was my husband’s grandfather. Earlier that day I had come across a picture of him which we had no knowledge existed. It was in that moment my husband knew this was not coincidence. Next, I asked Raylene to read my cards. She went through the cards, paused, and was somewhat hesitant almost fearful to continue. She said something is going to happen at work and that I was going to be made to do something that I didn't want to do but I had to, reassuring me that it's was going to work out. 

“According to Wikipedia a Medium is a person whom reportedly mediates communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. When I read this myself I thought, ‘Right, that’s just crazy!’ I learned very quickly in my first session with Raylene that it is NOT crazy. No, I don’t understand it. I don’t need to. I just know it’s real. I was both curious and very skeptical when my stylist told me about her experience with Raylene. But I decided to make an appointment just the same.
When my session started I admit I was filled with doubt. Logically, how could someone communicate with spirits? She started telling me about an older woman that loved me very much; a motherly figure. The woman was very proud of me and what I had accomplished with my life. I know that almost anyone could have someone like that. She told me the woman died at a young age. In my mind I tried to think of the woman she could be talking about. I decided it must be my grandmother. I told Raylene we were very close and she died at the age of 63. Then she said to me “Maryland. Your grandmother said if I tell you ‘Maryland’ that will validate that she is talking to me.” She was right and I could feel the tears well up inside me. There was no way Raylene could know this unless she really was talking to my grandmother. It was at that moment I started to believe in the impossible. Since that first session she has helped to affirm choices I have made and has provided insight into making others. What is it Alice in Wonderland said? ‘Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’”

Darlene S, Epsom, NH

"Raylene lights up the room with bringing spirit's messages to our hearts. With such positive messages you can't help but feel empowered when done with the session."

Lauren W, North Hampton, NH

“Little did I know that on my most recent visit with you I would come away with a feeling of such warmth, light and joy. I was there for a haircut, and it isn't unusual for us to have some pretty interesting conversations. But near the end of this visit you suggested we have a look at your cards. While you shuffled the cards, you started to describe someone I was supposed to know who had passed. I didn't get it at first – had to work at it. But when clarity hit, what a feeling of elation! You made comments and statements that you had absolutely no way of knowing, and although I have long known that my loved ones who have passed are with me, having someone sit across the table from me and seemingly pull things out of the air like that is incredible. I have to say that I was purely shocked. How could you know these things? And somehow you sensed that I needed this. Thank you for being who you are and for sharing the light of your soul with us.”

Donna W, Amesbury, MA

“Raylene, you are the real deal! Your ability to connect me with my mother who had recently passed was simply life changing. Your warm, compassionate energy puts one at ease.  Many thanks for your gift, Raylene!”

Barb K, Rhinebeck, NY

"I have had many readings in the past and have never experienced anything like the reading I had with Raylene. The very first thing she said to me was spot on. I got to know that my family and loved ones are still with me even though they are no longer here on earth. Raylene is a beautiful spirit and one of the sweetest people I have come to know. Thank you Raylene for helping to guide me to loving myself and living in a positive light. Bless you; you’re gifted!"

Leslie G, Hampton, NH

"I was both surprised and intrigued with the love and passion that Raylene shows in her readings for the feelings of all of our loved ones and me. She connected very quickly with my Dad and was able to give me some much needed messages."

Jaquelynn B, Linton, Indiana

"There is something special about being able to connect with a spirit, especially those who have passed much to young. That was my brother. He passed tragically in a motorcycle accident. I had seen a couple other mediums that were okay – but Raylene was different. While bringing messages to a friend the things she brought to light about my brothers passing were amazing. I decided to meet with her, and she was just wonderful. She helped me feel at ease when she connected I literally felt I was having a conversation with my brother. Afterwards I felt a sense of peace and like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Because it was then I knew for sure my brother is with me and my family daily. I may have missed some of the signs, but now I know he hears me and walks with my son every day."

Tiffany V, Merrimac, MA

“Raylene is an extremely talented medium. I went to her having struggled for years about the loss of family members and the feelings of being disconnected from the family who remain in this realm. Her ability to read the tarot, apply the guidance of the cards to my situation and cut to the heart of the issue was amazingly adept, in-depth and right on point. She then gave me incredibly helpful advice for a family event that was coming up in the following week. Her heart-led and caring guidance gave me the strength and insight to follow a path that brought me incredible joy. I cannot thank Raylene enough!”

Lydia W., Washington, DC

“Raylene I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I met you for the first time at a group reading. You knew nothing about me I knew nothing about you, though the minute you started describing my mom I got the chills and was like “Wow!” Then you went on and was saying how my son is OK something I have been waiting to hear since the day I lost him in 2008. I could have stayed a lot longer listening to you bring happiness and joy to our hearts. Again thank you for bringing the messages I have truly been waiting for. You are an amazing woman with a great gift. Can't wait to do a one on one reading or as group reading.” Thank you!

Kelly N, Springvale, ME

“Raylene, it was wonderful to meet you and to see firsthand your amazing gifts. The healing process has been a long time coming and I thank you for your help in this journey. I am working on it. Thank you again for all you do.”

Lisa B, Maine

"I was skeptical to say the least when I first saw Raylene. Within the first five minutes I realized how valid she was ... someone was speaking to me through her and I knew immediately who it was with her physical description and how she passed. But what floored me was a further detail, no one could even guess ... she kept referencing violets were all around her, intimating perhaps she loved violets because she could see the flower everywhere. This person's, my grandmother, who was like my mother (which Raylene also confirmed) name was Violet! And THAT was all within the first five minutes! Need I say how the remaining 55 minutes went?! Suffice it to say, I was so emotionally moved! Since, even more has happened which I didn't understand at the time, but do now ... two weeks later! She has an amazing gift and is so loving in how she delivers it. I can't wait to see her again the next time I'm in NH!"

Kerri H, Florida

“Just by chance saw that Raylene was holding a group medium meeting. Went and was blown away, she was so caring with each person, that had spirits come in for messages. My own personal messages were so compelling and truthful, that I booked her for a small group private reading, it was more than I ever expected. She is right on with personalities and love with messages from spirits. I have had other experiences with mediums and Raylene ranks and one of the best!”

Kathie M, Acton ME