Why People Love Raylene

Christine B, Newbury, MA

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we loved our reading yesterday with you. You made some skeptical people change their thinking and open their minds. I feel so fortunate that I could be part of it. We have a sense of peace today; thank you!”
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Clare G, Exeter, NH

“I really didn’t know what to expect when Raylene asked me to close my eyes and my mom and dad popped into my head. Immediately Raylene amazed me as she started to describe them right down to the clothing they were wearing right down ‘to a T’ as to how they dressed. She talked about…
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Valerie P, East Hampstead, NH

“It was Father’s Day, 2014 and I had suggested Raylene give my husband a reading (who is as skeptical as they come). The spirit brought forward was my husband’s grandfather. Earlier that day I had come across a picture of him which we had no knowledge existed. It was at that moment my husband knew…
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Autumn Minery, NH

“My reading was a lovely surprise. Skeptical, and nervous, I listened to what messages she had for me, and was amazed by her talent and loving personality. It felt like a conversation with an old friend. I hadn’t truly found closure after multiple losses in my family but felt healing immediately after time with her….
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Jamie Smart, ME

“Raylene is amazing! If you’re thinking about booking, do it. Raylene was able to connect me with a lot of my loved ones with clarity. She was able to give me information that no one else would know and always ends the session with advice that has been so helpful with what’s going on in…
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Jessica Lewis

“This was my first ever reading and omg. Raylene was so uplifting & welcoming and made me feel as though I was speaking with someone I have known forever. She connected to spirit right away and so very strongly. The things she mentioned in our session, no one else would have known…SHE IS THE REAL…
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Leslie Halberstadt, NH

“Raylene is a miracle unto herself. I have been “read” by many people claiming to be the real deal and after being read by Raylene I know they were all fakes. Her bubbly personality is really what makes you feel comfortable with her. She told me that my Nana Gladys is with me and that…
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Kaylee Donovan

“I met Raylene about 4 years ago and I am so happy I did. She is so kind and truly has a way of making a difference in someone’s life in only one hour. I saw Raylene shortly after the unexpected death of my boyfriend. I was in a position where I had no closure…
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Briana Ryan, NH

“This was my first experience with a medium, and my session with Raylene was amazing. I was nervous, but she wasted no time putting my nerves at ease with her professionalism and compassion. Her ability to connect with Spirit is awe-inspiring. I couldn’t help but be emotional as she used her wonderful gift to transfer…
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Erin Haggerty, ME

“My experience with Raylene was very powerful. I was raised in a family where mediumship and metaphysical were common conversation. I have had multiple readings with many talented psychics/ mediums, but Raylene’s left a deeper impression. Like many, I was grieving a recently lost loved one, and I believe one of the most challenging parts…
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Donna Tarrantin, FL

“Raylene is not only a wonderful caring person she is a gifted intuitive/medium. She has helped me get through some sad and traumatic times in my life. Raylene is the Real Deal! The readings she has given me have given me hope, clarity and closure. “
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Vicky Edgerly

“Raylene is a heart-centered woman with a strong connection to the Spirit realms. Her integrity and service to spirit are above reproach. She is one of the most genuine and gifted mediums I’ve met in a long time! I highly recommend Raylene to anyone wishing to connect with a loved one on the other side….
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Leanne Hansut

“I had a wonderful session with Raylene. She helps validate a lot of feelings and concerns I was having. She gave a lot of good spirit guidance for myself and made me feel very at ease. I felt at peace and relaxed. It was like talking to a good friend. I highly recommend a visit…
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Nora Fitzgerald

“This was my first session with a medium. Raylene did an excellent job of preparing me and making me comfortable before we began. I was blown away!  Raylene has a very special talent and I truly thank her for sharing it with the world.” 
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Rena Huisman, VA

“From one Medium about another, Raylene is BRILLIANT. On the outside you have the warm, compassionate, fun-loving soul that you immediately want to hug. On the inside resides this mechanism that is perfectly tuned and aligned to spirit. As a peer, I’ve watched in awe as Raylene shared details of loved ones who had passed…
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Linda Pierson

“Well, I am the forever skeptic. Raylene has put that skepticism on shaky ground. I cannot find logical reasons to explain what happened during our session. I know I came away questioning my skepticism and feeling somewhat like I want to cross that line into becoming a believer. It’s hard not to after the session….
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Heather Uva, TX

Raylene has helped me incredibly on my spiritual journey with a warm Massachusetts frankness that you just can’t resist. Not only did she help me, but one day while we were Skyping, my boyfriend – a sort of fearful skeptic, fearful of what info he might get, walked by and out of the blue she…
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Kimberly Russ, NH

“Raylene is amazing! She’s really helped me move forward and see things differently. She picks up on so much from my past that no one could ever know. She’s also an amazing person to work with for this type of thing and with her great personality you’ll feel right at home.”
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Morgen Colbeth, NY

“I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful woman. I had never had a session with a medium before but went in with an open mind. Raylene blew me away! It’s hard to even put into words the feelings I had during the session and after. I literally felt healed in my grief in…
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Deana Cavan, ME

“Raylene is a warmhearted, compassionate, truthful medium. I feel very grateful to have connected with her at a time after my son died when I needed more and more signs from those on the other side. She felt like a friend immediately and I really enjoyed our time together.”
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Barbara Durand – NH

“I had 2 sessions with Raylene, and she was simply amazing. She is real, honest, kind and brings peace to your soul. She connected with my father whom I lost as a teenager, and she brought me closure and peace after years of sadness. She knew personal things that no one could have known, and…
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Lisa B, ME

“Hi Raylene, it was wonderful to meet you and to see firsthand your amazing gifts. The healing process has been a long time coming, and I thank you for your help in this journey. I am working on it. Thank you again for all you do.” 
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Tiffany V, Merrimac, MA

“There is something special about being able to connect with a spirit, especially those who have passed much too young. That was my brother. He passed tragically in a motorcycle accident. I had seen a couple other Mediums that were okay.  But, Raylene was different. While bringing messages to a friend, the things she brought…
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Kerri H, FL

“I was skeptical to say the least when I first saw Raylene.  Within the first five minutes I realized how valid she was! Someone was speaking to me through her, and I knew immediately who it was with her physical description and how she passed. But what floored me was a further detail, no one…
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Karen Scanlon, NH

“I have had several readings with Raylene. Her sensitive nature and caring approach is so appreciated when she connects you with spirit. She is honest with a high level of professionalism that immediately puts you at ease and validates the respect she has for each reading. Each experience I have had with Raylene has left…
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Dee M, Hampton, NH

“It has taken me a couple of days to absorb what Raylene said to me the other night about my relatives that have passed over. I found it quite fascinating, enlightening, and comforting all at the same time. Because I have never been to see a medium.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect but…
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Lydia W, Washington, DC

“Raylene is an extremely talented medium. I went to her having struggled for years about the loss of family members and the feelings of being disconnected from the family who remain in this realm. Her ability to read the tarot, apply the guidance of the cards to my situation and cut to the heart of…
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Bobbi Wright

“I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Raylene and her mediumship abilities blew me away! She is a true gift to Spirit and to me. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me. I also had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Raylene Sousa on Om Times Radio…
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Barb K, Rhinebeck, NY

“Dear Raylene, You are the real deal! Your ability to connect me with my mother who had recently passed was simply life changing. Your warm, compassionate energy puts one at ease. Many thanks for your gift, Raylene!”
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Stephanie Marie

“I regularly watch Raylene’s Facebook LIVE videos and finally went for a private reading. If I could give more stars I would! Listening to her is like the David Allan Boucher (Bedtime Magic) of the Spirit world. She is so calm, insightful, and inspiring. I really resonated with her reading, and she brought back so…
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Christine Markee Baker – MA

“I was looking to meet with Raylene for a reading, I love watching her live on FB and have met in person with her previously. With the Covid-19 virus, in person meetings are not possible. I was able to book a Skype reading tonight with Raylene and it was so perfect. I must admit I…
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Tammy Daney, ME

Raylene is a wonderful guide with integrity and professionalism always. I sat with her for quite a little while one afternoon and was totally amazed! I would highly recommend her!
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Derek Garand, ME

“My cousin gave me a gift certificate for a hour reading with Raylene for my birthday. I was nervous about it because it was my first reading ever. Raylene made me feel comfortable from the start of our Zoom session. She told me from the start I had a lot of spirit with me and…
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