WORDS can be powerful, thought provoking, charming, loving, enlightening, funny, optimistic, encouraging and mood altering. However, WORDS can also be self-harming, angry, discouraging, pessimistic, sad, hateful and downright nasty.

We can’t escape WORDS, nor should we want to. However, its most helpful when WORDS are used to help, not hinder encounters with others or self. Interactions, whether personally or professionally, center around WORDS.

 Each time I begin a session, gallery or group reading as a Spiritual Medium/Intuitive Psychic I remind people that WORDS are powerful and to only take what resonates and let the rest go! The difference is, working in mediumship, I convey the information I am receiving from those Spirit side of life’s veil. In an intuitive/psychic session I am sharing information I am perceiving. I believe it’s my responsibility to differentiate if it is in fact coming from Spirit or known through my intuitive/psychic senses. WORDS may be delivered with one intent, but it’s important that they are interpreted correctly when received.

Today’s methods of communication make comprehension of WORDS a bit more challenging as text, email, and the like have no tone, or affect as does the sound of a human voice. People hold onto statements good, bad or indifferent as to how they internalize the meanings. Therefore, most often it’s a matter of perception.

Some WORDS linger within one’s psyche for years. Sadly, its most often negative ones that have impacted one’s inner child. Rather than holding onto the truth of the uniqueness of self, promoting self-love, confidence and a knowing our importance, people tend to negate the positive and cling to the WORDS of negative self-talk, self-loathing devaluing their authentic self.

How many times do you receive a compliment only to ignore it, or laugh it off? How often do you compare yourself to others concluding that they are smarter, luckier, prettier, and all things you think you are not? Do you realize most times they are viewing you in the same manner? It is true.

Too often people are their own worst enemy and WORDS are their weapon. Negative self-talk causes deeper wounds on one’s Soul than a physical self-assault. It too is true! Like a physical wound heals from the inside out to restore wellness so can the deep seeded ones impacting our Spirit’s well-being. How? First stop the verbal attacks internally and externally. Tearing down others or self with thought or action does not support one’s journey to restore inner balance of mind-body-spirit.


Begin within, and stop beating yourself up! Walk over to a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say:




Repeat these 3 phrases out loud each day before you sleep and upon waking up!

If you catch you are finding fault within yourself, let these WORDS negate the negative self-talk. I have found in time, the comparing stops, people begin to come around to the truth of who they were created to be. The eraser comes out, and the power behind the harmful WORDS begin to dissipate as self-love and self-confidence rises, empowering people with positive thoughts… WORDS.

People gravitate to the tangible, those things they can prove, hold, see and feel. Thoughts can be noisy, so I suggest writing. Write them out of your psyche literally. Take it as a sign to release the mind clutter, shift to the positive to ground, center and calm lending space for inner healing to begin. Grab a notebook and pen, and write it out. If you find yourself adding a tag line to a positive thought that is counterproductive, rewrite it. For example: “I am worthy of the promotion. BUT I am sure I won’t get it because no one likes me or sees my potential; I am happy. BUT I would be happier if x, y or z!”

Blocking the negative noise, and knowing your value will promote a happy more productive you, will teach you to receive a compliment, and say thank you! You will not allow fear to overshadow the truth of your accomplishments! You will not let the opinions of others weigh you down! You will not let imagined fear hold you back! You will shine brighter, attracting the people who will encourage and lift you! Your personal vocabulary will expand as will your confidence and love.

WORDS are powerful teaching tools. Make yours count!

Spirit Blessings!