Grief Support

Grief can be an isolating path, let me walk with you.

Knowing life, like love, lives on may help bring peace to your heart, but now what? Grief has a way of sneaking up on us as we traverse its rocky terrain. It may become easier with caring support of your story.

One on One Grief Support

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Bereavement can be an isolating experience, but it does not have to be. As a Certified Grief Educator and Ordained Spiritualist Minister, past hospice volunteer as well as a volunteer with the Center for Grieving Children & Families I have gone through intense training to provide peer support while addressing the countless emotions and expressions of grief.

No matter where you find yourself on your grief journey, please know it is never too late to address your loss. Grieving is unique to the individual, and everyone manages it the best they know how and even then, wonder if they are doing it right or wrong. I am here to bring awareness to the fact there is no right or wrong, no need for judgements or comparisons. My hope is to hold space for you, witness your story and support you. 

We have come to learn grief is not linear. The magnitude of loss is not measurable; for there are some days it may feel like a tsunami crashing down, others a trickling brook. These reactions find a way to sneak up on us even in the most unsuspecting of times.

There is no degree of separation when it comes to those grieving, and we will all experience it. Whether years ago, or current loss, grief may leave you feeling hollow while at the same time with a pit so deep. 

Through experience I have witnessed grief brought about by a multitude of events. Not only with the loss of a loved one but also, loss of a home, a job, relationship, pet, even a relationship with someone still living. Often one loss spurs off in varied directions making it hard to catch your breath and begin to heal. 

What you are grieving, no matter how complex or unassuming, is personal and matters. Therefore, it is never too big, or too little to explore, integrate and find ways to rewrite your story.

In pooling all the insights and practices I have learned and applied during all my training I am here to hold space for you. As a Certified Grief Educator, we will follow closely the six needs of those grieving (developed by renown Grief Specialist David Kessler). These are as follows: to have your pain witnessed, express your feelings, release the burden of guilt, be free of old wounds, integrate the pain and the love to find meaning in life after loss.

 In one-on-one grief support, we will meet via Zoom Video Conferencing for individualized sessions. Your only requirement is to come as you are. Together we will journey as my intention is to provide you with a healing presence and the support, we all need to grow through grief. 

One on one grief support is not a replacement for professional mental health care but can serve as a companion either done independently of, or as a complement to your existing mental health professional practices. Raylene may provide you with resources for such professionals and or organizations you may find helpful.

Raylene wants to make clear this is not a mediumistic or intuitive psychic session. For grief support only.

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