Private Mediumship Gallery

A gallery style session is one in which Raylene communicates messages from those who have crossed over to the Spirit realm to loved ones this side of life’s veil. Often, guests compare this time with Spirit to a mini family reunion. 

Currently these Galleries are held online via Zoom. Clients have embraced connecting from the comfort of their own homes. Zoom offers an opportunity for a group of family members, friends, or a mix to come together from anywhere across the country, even across the world. 

Spirit is in control, therefore not all participants are guaranteed a personal message. That said, Raylene truly believes all present will experience peace in knowing that life, like love, lives on as loves a whisper away.

Private Mediumship Gallery Pricing

Raylene offers Private Mediumship Galleries. So often family members wish to come together for a mediumship session with Raylene, as well as groups of friends, or a mix. These group sessions are held via Zoom.

These galleries typically last 90 minutes. A gallery is $450 and includes 3-6 guests. The price for each additional guest beyond the 6 included guests is $60/pp. Once Raylene has received your booking request, she will contact you to schedule your gallery. Upon booking, an invoice via PayPal will be sent. Payment is due upon receipt. Once payment is received your time, and date will be confirmed.

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Private Gallery Insights

Raylene’s hope is that participants will come to a session with an open mind, open heart, as well as a willingness to allow the natural flow of communication.  Awareness is key in unlocking the evidence given validating your loved one’s presence. Raylene believes both sides of the veil have free will. So, spend some time talking with, and inviting those in Spirit to join you. 

It makes such a difference when everyone participating is open to the possibility of an afterlife, and Spirit communication. A bit of skepticism is healthy, but please do not try to pressure, or persuade someone who may not be comfortable with the intent of a mediumship session into attending. When someone is ready to partake, they will. Timing is everything.

Why People Love Raylene

Raylene is the best. Easy to talk with and in our group reading she was spot on. She brought up things that no one knew about, it was amazing to listen to her talking with our loved ones. They are all around us. Looking forward to our next reading.

Lisa Seiberth Snow
“Well, I am the forever skeptic. Raylene has put that skepticism on shaky ground. I cannot find logical reasons to explain what happened during our session. I know I came away questioning my skepticism and feeling somewhat like I want to cross that line into becoming a believer. It’s hard not to after the session. I would return and hope to in the future to explore it further.” 

Linda Pierson
“I have had several readings with Raylene. Her sensitive nature and caring approach is so appreciated when she connects you with spirit. She is honest with a high level of professionalism that immediately puts you at ease and validates the respect she has for each reading. Each experience I have had with Raylene has left me very peaceful.”

Karen Scanlon