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Conduit For Spirit

A Conduit for Spirit, it is my blessing to offer varying forms of soul -to-soul communication as a natural born Medium. The gift of mediumship allows me to convey messages of hope, love, and healing from those living Spirit side of life’s veil and those living here in the physical world. Through these communications it is my hope to shine light on the continuity of life after life to help you find peace in knowing life, like love, lives on.

One other form of soul-to-soul communication is Spiritual Assessment. With intention and focus on your spiritual journey I open to receive insight Spirit brings forth that they want you to know about your life path. Often regarding certain questions, for example: Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is holding me back? Awareness that may offer insight helping you to see what is holding you back from living authentically, finding joy and peace empowering you to move forward in serving your highest and best.

Another is Grief Support. I know grief can be an isolating path. Knowing life, like love, lives on may help bring peace to your heart, but now what? Grief has a way of sneaking up on us as we traverse its rocky terrain. It may become easier with caring support of your story. As a Certified Grief Educator and Ordained Spiritualist Minister, past hospice volunteer as well as a volunteer with the Center for Grieving Children & Families I have gone through intense training to provide peer support while addressing the countless emotions and expressions of grief. I am not a mental health care professional, but certified to hold safe space for you, witness your story in one-on-one grief support sessions. No matter where you find yourself on your grief journey, please know it is never too late to address your loss.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking time to read my message. Please know your presence makes a difference in our world. Namaste

Intuitive Psychic

As a Medium Raylene is a naturally gifted Intuitive Psychic. This gift lends the ability to perceive information about a guest, walk a metaphysical mile in their shoes, and gain insight into what may be weighing their soul down. Raylene’s sessions weigh heavily on the side of soul communication with those in the Spirit realm as well as those living this side of life’s veil.

If you feel stuck, questioning your purpose seeking insight into your personal journey a Spiritual Assessment may be for you.

  • Private 30 Minute Sessions
  • Private 50 Minute Sessions
  • Private Mediumship Galleries
  • Spiritual Assessment Sessions

Spirit Medium

As a Spiritual Medium Raylene conveys communication between loved ones who have crossed over to the Spirit world, and those of us who remain on this side of life’s veil in our physical world and those of us who remain this side of life’s veil.

Raylene’s intention is to bring forth evidence validating your loved one’s presence; an opportunity to touch that love again, receive a message, allow for healing and closure lifting life’s veil with light, love and integrity.

  • Private 30 Minute Sessions
  • Private 50 Minute Sessions
  • Private Mediumship Galleries
  • Spiritual Assessment Sessions


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Lifting The Veil With Light, Love & Integrity

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I often reflect on how my relationship with the Spirit world has evolved into what it is today. Some people can pinpoint the moment they realized they were consciously connecting with Spirit. For me though, I cannot recall a time when I wasn’t aware of their presence.

I grew up in a small Massachusetts town. My parents are hardworking people who to this day devote much time to their community and to the church their faith was built upon. For as long as I can remember, my grandmother and mother just knew things. My sister and I would talk to imaginary friends. We often experienced unexplained phenomena such as doors opening and closing without the assistance of people or pets, and footsteps seemingly running up and down staircases. In my home these experiences were accepted as normal.

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